Pan-Fried Vegetarian Mock-Fish

Meatless and Tasty

I know everything else I’ve posted has been a recipe. This one isn’t since I didn’t make the veggie-fish from scratch. I have challenged myself and many of my friends to try to incorporate more Meatless meals into their diet. Here’s a pic of my lunch from yesterday. Some of the best Mock-Meats I’ve had have been from either Vietnamese Buddhist temples either in Vietnam or in the Greater Seattle Area but I’ve always been wary of the pre-made frozen stuff from stores. This one was really very good. I will be buying it again.

For the salad I tossed some lettuce, thai basil and shredded carrots into a dressing that was made with untoasted sesame oil, seasoned rice vinegar, a tiny bit of dijon mustard, salt, pepper, and a little sugar.

Here’s a picture of the brand. I picked it up from the frozen section at my local Uwajimaya. The directions say to deep fry. I think this is a bit overboard. The product itself has fat in it. I pan-fried it in my cast iron skillet with less than a tsp of olive oil. It turned out a little crispy on the outside. The inside was dense like a good mild white fish. It does taste a bit like fish. I loved it. Serve it with some rice and veggies to balance out the protein and fat.

Frozen – simply Pan Fry


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