Of my many hobbies being a cook is one that I enjoy the most. I am mostly self taught, although I find that my background in chemistry helps a lot, especially with baking. I was born in the Midwestern US to a Wisconsonite father and a mother who immigrated from SE Asia. I originally began cooking as a child when I received my Mickey Mouse cookbook at the age of 6.

Originally being a picky eater, I decided to make it my life long dedication to healthier eating when my father died of obesity related problems at the relatively young age of 53. Since then I have also tried to expand my eating habits to include cuisines from around the world. In addition to both American and Vietnamese food Thogg and I both often enjoy dishes from countries such as Morocco, Thailand, Korea, Mexico, Cuba, India, and Italy, to name a few.

Thogg who is also a picky eater, has learned to love things he once feared. Hopefully, my food will inspire you to try new things and find new flavors and ingredients to love.


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