Spiced Savory Zucchini Flat-Cakes


This is a little something that I made up. Since my body is still being really cranky (inflammation and pain) with grains and starchy food, I’ve had to start experimenting with non-starchy veg. This has been my go-to for something fairly quick to turn out of the oven. Spiced with Indian and Middle-Eastern spices, it is a treat for the palette. What makes me even happier – it is¬†filling without adding a lot of calories or starch to the diet. Continue reading


Cabbage Rolls – Comfort Food of the Week

Cabbage Rolls – Stuffed with Rice and Pork

I love cabbage rolls. What’s even better is that Thogg loves cabbage rolls. It is a great way to get a picky eater to eat a rather large amount of a cruciferous veggie (cabbage). For all you health nuts, this means getting much needed vitamins, minerals, fiber, and phytochemicals. For the rest of you, all you need to know is that this dish is mighty tasty. Cooking the cabbage slowly imbues it with a soft and silky texture. It also looses all the inherent bitterness that give leafy green’s such a bad rep. Continue reading

Truly Dairy Free Cake – An Experimental Baking Project

How to make a successful cake with one molecule of dairy in sight.

*note: I am not a cake expert. I rarely bake cakes, to be honest. If you don’t bake often and have often been intimidated, don’t be. This recipe is not difficult or fussy and the frosting is very forgiving when you apply it.¬†The cake will look beautiful but home-made.

Objective: To bake a beautiful and tasty cake for a little girl’s birthday party. Some of her family members have a very bad allergy to milk products.

Project restrictions: 1)Cake must be 100% dairy free -lactose free is not enough. 2)Cake must look like a traditional birthday cake – chiffon and angel food style recipes not acceptable because of cake shape (hole down center). 3)Cake must have a traditional looking frosting – icings not acceptable Continue reading

Kitchen Magic: Chicken Galantine

Deboned and stuffed chicken.

The de-boning of the chicken is probably more complex than I can explain with pictures. So here’s a video with Chef Pepin showing you how to do it. I’m pretty sure the guy could bend pennies with his hands. Don’t be too intimidated though. My first attempt took a bit of time and I had to re-watch parts of the video below. By the time I used his technique on my second chicken, things went very smoothly. The other good news, I did a reasonably good enough job on both that I was proud to serve them to friends. Continue reading

Pancetta, Parmesan and Rosemary Pinwheel Rolls

Thoggs Review: I don’t think he could talk whilst cramming his mouth that full. Brought these over for the NYE party last night. They were decimated. My sister had 4 by herself. They’re really that good. Less greasy than rolls made with pastry dough. Chewy on the inside, a little crisp and golden on the outside. These will be made again and again. I think I have a new favorite to put into my baking rotation.

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Potato Bread

Moist soft interrior, thin crust with a little crispness. A little whole wheat for some added nutrition. What’s not to love? If you want a shorter rise time, add up to 3/4 Tbs dried yeast. I found that giving it a longer rise when you have the time give it a better flavor and texture. Longer rises also mean you don’t have to knead as much or at all to achieve a chewy texture. You can leave the pre-risen dough in the fridge for up to a week before baking.

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