Porcini-dusted White Fish with Grilled Bok Choy


A delicious spring meal for a warm day.



Did you know that bok choy is good grilled? Do you ever get bored of mild-flavored white fish or don’t know what to do with it to give it more flavor? Have you ever tried Asian mushroom powder and marveled at its ability to add balanced flavor to vegetarian foods but been scared off because the list of ingredients on the packaging is very vague. I know I have, but I’d like to convince you that it is very easy to make your own at home. In fact, this whole meal is incredibly simple to make at home. Give it a try, you’ll be glad you did. Continue reading


Spiced Savory Zucchini Flat-Cakes


This is a little something that I made up. Since my body is still being really cranky (inflammation and pain) with grains and starchy food, I’ve had to start experimenting with non-starchy veg. This has been my go-to for something fairly quick to turn out of the oven. Spiced with Indian and Middle-Eastern spices, it is a treat for the palette. What makes me even happier – it isĀ filling without adding a lot of calories or starch to the diet. Continue reading

Green Eggs – Adding Some Color to a February Morning

Green Eggs


I have been such a bad food blogger recently. Shame on me for being so neglectful. Last summer I was diagnosed with Thyroid disease. I was very sick and had to do some diet changes. Unfortunately, my particular Thyroid disorder went along with Insulin issues. For the time being, I have had to give up almost all sugar and starch. As you can imagine, this doesn’t relate very well to what most people would consider gourmet (even healthy gourmet) food.

I am doing better these days but my diet is still very limited. I will try to start posting food recipes again but most of the upcoming recipes will be very low on starches and sugars and will likely have a higher fat content than my previous recipes.

On to the good stuff now… Continue reading