Green Eggs – Adding Some Color to a February Morning

Green Eggs


I have been such a bad food blogger recently. Shame on me for being so neglectful. Last summer I was diagnosed with Thyroid disease. I was very sick and had to do some diet changes. Unfortunately, my particular Thyroid disorder went along with Insulin issues. For the time being, I have had to give up almost all sugar and starch. As you can imagine, this doesn’t relate very well to what most people would consider gourmet (even healthy gourmet) food.

I am doing better these days but my diet is still very limited. I will try to start posting food recipes again but most of the upcoming recipes will be very low on starches and sugars and will likely have a higher fat content than my previous recipes.

On to the good stuff now… Continue reading


Beef Pho – Getting Back to Basics

Vietnamese Comfort Food

Pho was one of the first meals I remember eating (besides baby food). I have memories of my mother standing at the stove, skimming the foam off the broth of a big pot of pho. Most of the time, she made chicken pho (pho ga), but on special occasions she would tackle the tedious task of preparing beef pho (pho bo) from scratch. Every family recipe is different and is passed on from generation to generation; with little amendments here and there as daughters and sons make it their own. Continue reading

Vietnamese Lemongrass Pork – Thit Nuong

Vietnamese Grilled Pork

Vietnamese Grilled Pork

The other day I was video chatting with my mother in Vietnam. The topic eventually ended up about food, as it so often does; all the tasty things I can’t get here in the US and all the recipes that she never taught me when I was younger and busy going to school. I decided to ask her how to make one of my favorite dishes – Thit Nuong. The instructions I got were less than easy to follow. In typical Asian Mother fashion she simply said, oh a little bit of this, a little bit of that. After several minutes of prompting, I was finally able to get the ingredient list wrestled from her memory. That was it. She gave me no instructions and no measurements. After some experimentation I came up with something quite wonderful. I hope you love this dish as much as I do. Continue reading

Pan-Fried Vegetarian Mock-Fish

Meatless and Tasty

I know everything else I’ve posted has been a recipe. This one isn’t since I didn’t make the veggie-fish from scratch. I have challenged myself and many of my friends to try to incorporate more Meatless meals into their diet. Here’s a pic of my lunch from yesterday. Some of the best Mock-Meats I’ve had have been from either Vietnamese Buddhist temples either in Vietnam or in the Greater Seattle Area but I’ve always been wary of the pre-made frozen stuff from stores. This one was really very good. I will be buying it again. Continue reading

Cabbage Rolls – Comfort Food of the Week

Cabbage Rolls – Stuffed with Rice and Pork

I love cabbage rolls. What’s even better is that Thogg loves cabbage rolls. It is a great way to get a picky eater to eat a rather large amount of a cruciferous veggie (cabbage). For all you health nuts, this means getting much needed vitamins, minerals, fiber, and phytochemicals. For the rest of you, all you need to know is that this dish is mighty tasty. Cooking the cabbage slowly imbues it with a soft and silky texture. It also looses all the inherent bitterness that give leafy green’s such a bad rep. Continue reading

Kimchi Pancake (kimchijeon)

Kimchi Pancakes with Soy Dipping Sauce

I went out with my extended family for Korean food at a local place called Dolsot. I have never had a bad dish there so if you live in the PacNW drive out to Issaaquah and try them out. On a whim, we decided to order the kimchi pancake. I’ve been obsessed with this tasty little treat since that first bite. After thinking about them non-stop for a whole day, there was nothing to do but to figure out how to make them at home. I could have gone back to Dolsot that instant but my local Uwajimaya was closer and they carry fresh kimchi. Continue reading