Wok Seared Green Beans

Savory and delicious. Yum!

My mom made a similar version of these green beans when I was a kid. I’ve changed it a bit and made it my own. These make a great side dish, or a light meal, if you’re like me and just want a pile of veg instead of meat sometimes. Continue reading


Taste of Vietnam: Beef and Green Bean Soup with Glass Noodles and Shallots

Beef and Green Bean Soup

While this dish doesn’t seem to be very well known, it should be. It is comforting and reminds me of my childhood. My mom would often make this for me and my sister when she was short on time and had hungry mouths to feed. It was also one of the few dishes I would eat with veggies in it when I was a child. Although I eat almost anything now, green beans are still one of my favorite greens to eat. I have never posted this dish before because Thogg still absolutely loathes them. He will eat this soup but carefully picks out every piece of green from out of his bowl and hands them over to me. Oh well, I guess you can win all the time. Continue reading