Vegetarian Stir Fry in Less Than 15 Minutes: Super Easy!

So flavorful you won’t believe its healthy.

Tonight was a night of cooking for me since Thogg had already eaten an early dinner at a work happy hour. One of the things I’ve never gotten him to enjoy is zucchini so I decided to make my zucchini-starved self a special treat.

I served this over some brown rice I’d made the day before (although you can find pre-cooked brown rice these days in the freezer sections of a lot of stores). This recipe is very fast but a few pantry staples are needed. They can all be found at Asian markets and most can be found these days at many large chain American grocery stores although Kikkoman and Lee Kum Kee brands seem to predominate there. Don’t be intimidated by these ingredients, most can be found for just a few dollars each, especially if you shop at Asian markets. If you really feel that you’re not interested in having more condiments sitting in your fridge you can probably get away with soy sauce, and hoisin. You may want to add a small dash of ketchup to give it a slight sour flavor that you’d be missing from the plum sauce and then add a dash of sugar if you feel you need it. It will taste different from this recipe, but should still be very satisfying.

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Split Pea Soup: A story of Three Beers and a Crockpot

Super tasty split pea goodness.

It was Sunday and Thogg had been home from the hospital for two days. Monday would mark the first day he would be allowed small amounts of non-red meat. We had already given him some soft marinated tofu with rice porridge and he had done well on that so it was full speed ahead. After all the crazyness of getting caught up on chores and groceries we decided it would be a good day to stay at home, build a fire in the fireplace and keep our pajama pants firmly in place. For those of you who know Thogg in real life, he does not drink. I do not hold myself to such lofty goals. After lunch I sat around in my pajamas and decided it was beer-o-clock. Walking to the fridge revealed a nice chocolate bock: just the thing to get me going on a cold winter day. *A quick apology to anyone that is getting too many notifications for my recipes today. Taking care of a sick family member kept me from posting for a while and I am doing some catching up today.*

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Chicken soup: Feeding the heart and soul

Home-made Chicken Stock

*note this post was written on 1/04/13 but because of the craziness of being home after a long hospital visit I didn’t get around to finishing it and publishing it until today.

We had a very eventful new year’s. My loving husband, known here as Thogg, was rushed to the emergency room. We thought it was appendicitus, the doctors worried about gallstones and it turned out to be an obstruction in his small intestine. Long story short, he is finally home after spending the first 4 days of the year in the hospital. I can finally do some laundry, take a real shower, and give the fuzzy family members some real TLC. Our cats didn’t really notice our absence, other than that they didn’t get wet food for a few days but our loving English Labrador is, understandably, a little put out. He has spent the last several hours snuggled at my feet, whether I am standing in the kitchen cooking or sitting here typing.

My first order of business after cleaning the house a bit, doing dishes, and unloading all the things I’d brought to the hospital to keep Thogg occupied was to find something he could eat. For today, he is on a liquids only diet. Tomorrow and the rest of the weekend will be soft foods. Monday he can have meat again. I decided to kill several birds with one stone and make some chicken broth. Tonight he will have clear broth, tomorrow I will use some of it to make rice congee and on monday he can have Pho and maybe congee with chicken meat.

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