Vietnamese Lemongrass Pork – Thit Nuong

Vietnamese Grilled Pork

Vietnamese Grilled Pork

The other day I was video chatting with my mother in Vietnam. The topic eventually ended up about food, as it so often does; all the tasty things I can’t get here in the US and all the recipes that she never taught me when I was younger and busy going to school. I decided to ask her how to make one of my favorite dishes – Thit Nuong. The instructions I got were less than easy to follow. In typical Asian Mother fashion she simply said, oh a little bit of this, a little bit of that. After several minutes of prompting, I was finally able to get the ingredient list wrestled from her memory. That was it. She gave me no instructions and no measurements. After some experimentation I came up with something quite wonderful. I hope you love this dish as much as I do. Continue reading


Lemon Grass and Ginger Scented Pork Broth

So my mother never taught me how to make a traditional Vietnamese clear pork broth. From tasting different versions, I had an inkling what was in them and the other day, I decided to try and make one up. The results were rather spectacular. I could have just sat down with a huge mug and downed it all day. While I didn’t get any pictures of the broth itself, this broth recipe was used in both the Pork Meatball soup ( and the Pork, Tofu and Cabbage soup ( Continue reading