Pan-Fried Vegetarian Mock-Fish

Meatless and Tasty

I know everything else I’ve posted has been a recipe. This one isn’t since I didn’t make the veggie-fish from scratch. I have challenged myself and many of my friends to try to incorporate more Meatless meals into their diet. Here’s a pic of my lunch from yesterday. Some of the best Mock-Meats I’ve had have been from either Vietnamese Buddhist temples either in Vietnam or in the Greater Seattle Area but I’ve always been wary of the pre-made frozen stuff from stores. This one was really very good. I will be buying it again. Continue reading


Kimchi Pancake (kimchijeon)

Kimchi Pancakes with Soy Dipping Sauce

I went out with my extended family for Korean food at a local place called Dolsot. I have never had a bad dish there so if you live in the PacNW drive out to Issaaquah and try them out. On a whim, we decided to order the kimchi pancake. I’ve been obsessed with this tasty little treat since that first bite. After thinking about them non-stop for a whole day, there was nothing to do but to figure out how to make them at home. I could have gone back to Dolsot that instant but my local Uwajimaya was closer and they carry fresh kimchi. Continue reading

Soy Sesame Marinated Pan Fried Tofu

Another lazy night dinner. Thogg’s throat is still a bit sore so I thought something with a soft texture would be appropriate. I also felt it was necessary to cook him a well balanced meal. The result was an Asian-marinated tofu with a soy sesame glaze, mixed brown rice, and a side of pan-seared broccoli rabe. Continue reading

Quick Fried Rice

Quick Fried Rice – It’s What’s for Dinner!

I was hungry tonight but not especially motivated to cook anything fancy. Thogg has a sore throat so I set him up with the remaining savory squash soup I made a few days ago. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough for two so I took a quick look in the fridge: left-over rice, some eggs, green onions, and some button mushrooms. Fried rice it is then.  Continue reading

How to slice a mango you won’t be ashamed to serve to guests.


Healthy and Tasty.

Having grown up in a household with multiple Asian relatives, cutting a mango to me has always been a no-brainer, but I’ve had enough friends over the years tell me of their mango disasters that I’m going to do a quick tutorial on it. Once you learn the basic steps you’ll see that it is simple, easy to remember, and will take you just minutes to do. This is NOT a tutorial on doing fancy-pants plating or on cutting up your mango into food art. This will teach you a no-fuss way to cut up a mango without butchering it. This works for a firm mango, there is another technique for soft mangos.

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Vegetarian Stir Fry in Less Than 15 Minutes: Super Easy!

So flavorful you won’t believe its healthy.

Tonight was a night of cooking for me since Thogg had already eaten an early dinner at a work happy hour. One of the things I’ve never gotten him to enjoy is zucchini so I decided to make my zucchini-starved self a special treat.

I served this over some brown rice I’d made the day before (although you can find pre-cooked brown rice these days in the freezer sections of a lot of stores). This recipe is very fast but a few pantry staples are needed. They can all be found at Asian markets and most can be found these days at many large chain American grocery stores although Kikkoman and Lee Kum Kee brands seem to predominate there. Don’t be intimidated by these ingredients, most can be found for just a few dollars each, especially if you shop at Asian markets. If you really feel that you’re not interested in having more condiments sitting in your fridge you can probably get away with soy sauce, and hoisin. You may want to add a small dash of ketchup to give it a slight sour flavor that you’d be missing from the plum sauce and then add a dash of sugar if you feel you need it. It will taste different from this recipe, but should still be very satisfying.

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