Israeli Chicken Meatballs with Creamy Garlic and Sumac Sauce

anmimic1I love, love, love this recipe. So often chicken turns out dry. So often, when we’re trying to avoid starches (breading), meatballs have this dry, grainy texture. Not with this recipe. Plus, it is packed with flavor. Then there’s the ridiculously delicious sauce. As wonderful as the meatballs are, and they are, the sauce is the shining star of this dish. With a base of sour cream and thick greek yogurt, it too can be a healthy addition to any diet (even a low cab one) if you use it in moderation.¬† Continue reading


Spiced Savory Zucchini Flat-Cakes


This is a little something that I made up. Since my body is still being really cranky (inflammation and pain) with grains and starchy food, I’ve had to start experimenting with non-starchy veg. This has been my go-to for something fairly quick to turn out of the oven. Spiced with Indian and Middle-Eastern spices, it is a treat for the palette. What makes me even happier – it is¬†filling without adding a lot of calories or starch to the diet. Continue reading

Vegetarian Stir Fry in Less Than 15 Minutes: Super Easy!

So flavorful you won’t believe its healthy.

Tonight was a night of cooking for me since Thogg had already eaten an early dinner at a work happy hour. One of the things I’ve never gotten him to enjoy is zucchini so I decided to make my zucchini-starved self a special treat.

I served this over some brown rice I’d made the day before (although you can find pre-cooked brown rice these days in the freezer sections of a lot of stores). This recipe is very fast but a few pantry staples are needed. They can all be found at Asian markets and most can be found these days at many large chain American grocery stores although Kikkoman and Lee Kum Kee brands seem to predominate there. Don’t be intimidated by these ingredients, most can be found for just a few dollars each, especially if you shop at Asian markets. If you really feel that you’re not interested in having more condiments sitting in your fridge you can probably get away with soy sauce, and hoisin. You may want to add a small dash of ketchup to give it a slight sour flavor that you’d be missing from the plum sauce and then add a dash of sugar if you feel you need it. It will taste different from this recipe, but should still be very satisfying.

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